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HGV Transport Management Services

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Audit & Compliance Management 

Our objective is to protect our clients Business and protect the safety of others,

We achieve our objective by using effective and continuous control systems which we put in at the start of any contract we service. We know from experience when new operators are put on the right track from the start and have a friendly, casual relationship with their Transport Managers is something the Vehicle Inspectorate looks for. This is also good for your company as we work with you and this relationship clearly shows the VOSA inspectors that your business is solid from the foundations up.

Obtaining a Goods Vehicle Operator Licence is often the simplest stage in the process, the retention of the licence through meeting the legal responsibilities and duties is the real challenge. Our comprehensive audit and compliance service will help you manage your operator licence systems and documentation to ensure you never knowingly put your licence at risk.

Vosa inspectors have a habit of springing snap inspections on new Goods Vehicle Operator Licence Holders as a way of making sure you conform to their rules and transport legislation. E4T are not worried by these snap inspections or audits as we make sure everything is inmlimented correctly the first time, every time.

Our audit service comprises all of the following and much more: -

Full examination of your preventive maintenance inspection framework. 

Review of inspection frequencies, based on vehicle activity and mileage.

Analysis of driver procedures and reporting.

Driver licence and CPC check procedure.

Driver disciplinary review.

Vehicle authorisation and Operating centre information.

DVSA self-service information review and update.

Advice & guidance on frequency of follow-up visits and reviews.

Record Keeping

Do you have a dedicated vehicle file containing all documentation that DVSA will require during a site visit, for each of your vehicles?
Do you have a file that has all the correct vehicle reports available for a supprise inspection?

E4T make sure 
You have a dedicated file containing everything in it that should be there and everything  in the file the inspectors will look for. 


Are your vehicles inspected within the agreed maintenance interval?
Do your drivers perform daily walk around checks before use every day? Are any defects reported, rectified and signed off by your repair agent? 

E4T make sure
You have all these in place and build in a documentation system that records all this and can be inspected at any time.

Tachograph Analysis

Is your tachograph data analysed on a regular basis and drivers notified of tacho infringements in writing? Do you have a tachograph calibration certificate on file for each tachograph? Are your drivers fully aware of drivers hours rules?

E4T make sure
All your drivers are full aware of the rules and regulations and put in systems showing the calibration and reporting of any problems.

Forward Planning

Do you have a vehicle maintenance forward planning system in place?
 Are all vehicle maintenance events planned in advance by at least 6 months? Do you have a booking system for garage inspections available at any time.

E4T make sure
All your transport management systems are in place so we can set up planned inspections and audits without disrupting your business. 

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