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International Operators Licence 

International Operators Licence with Community Authorisation.

This type of licence allows the carriage of your own goods within the United Kingdom and across the European Community, and to operate on a ‘hire and reward’ basis (charging for the transport of goods not owned by you) throughout Europe.

Typically, this type of licence is sought by organisations engaged in international and inter-modal transport activities across Europe and beyond.

Community Licences and road haulage permits

Hauliers who make international journeys for hire or reward within the European Union (EU) must hold both a Community Licence and a Standard International Operator’s Licence.

Community Licences allow drivers to use a single permit for trips between all EU member states.
The licence also allows transit traffic through EU member states and to and from non-member countries.

Community Licences also allow cabotage, ie journeys entirely within one other EU member state.

The granting of an International Licence is just the first step in providing transport abroad and it is for transport managers one of the main areas where mistakes are made as you are dealing with a multitude of different documents, permissions and paperwork and if thats not enough you have to be on the ball with the Vat.

E4T Transport Transport Consultants Ltd: - provide you with the personell who will do this for you and do it right. We offer the skill set needed to work through the paperwork and make sure everything you need is in palce and recorded ready for any inspection.

We have the skills needed to carry out this task and we have the experience of working directly for large United Kingdom company's who travel around the European and International road networks on a daily and weekly basis. We know what is needed first hand as we have carried out these tasks ourselves and we know what the driver and the inspectors need right from the moment you accept an international contract. 

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