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 Operator Licensing 

As a new or existing Operator Licence holder you have committed to a range of undertakings regulated under the Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981 and the Goods Vehicles(Licensing of Operators) Act 1995.

Businesses and organisations who are unsure as to how they can become and remain compliant with the law need to know the rules and regulations for each individual licence catagory.

E4T help you understand the different aspects of Operator Licensing in the United Kingdom covering Europe, International shipping and international transport.

Traffic Commissioners

In Great Britain, the traffic commissioners are regulators of the road transport industry. Their function is to ensure that only safe and reliable operators of goods and passenger vehicles are permitted to be licensed.

Traffic commissioners may take regulatory action against an operator - where they may revoke, suspend or curtail an operator’s licence.

E4T Ltd make sure this never happens by keeping your company up to date with legislation and compliant with the regulations.

The Role Of VOSA

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency is committed to making our roads safer, cutting crime and protecting the environment by ensuring that operators of heavy goods and passenger vehicles are compliant with legislation relating to matters including drivers’ hours, roadworthiness, operator licensing and the safe loading of vehicles. 

E4T provide the systems needed for you to stay on the right side of vosa and we never give VOSA anything to be concerned about. By following our systems you comply with the legislation demanded by the Traffic commissioner and this in turn keeps vosa away from your door.

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