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HGV Transport Management Services

07791 - 17 46 01

Public Inquiry Representation

Traffic Commission Public Inquiry Hearing

If you have been called to Public Inquiry or have been threatened with the possibility of a Public Inquiry by officials from the Traffic Commissioner’s office or the DVSA – Contact us today on: - 07791 - 17 46 01

Whatever the reason for this turn of events you will be understandably concerned for your livelihood and the future of your business.

E4T Transport Consultants Ltd  build a professional and legal team around you that can deliver compelling arguments and provide the evidence and professional support for you to fight your corner and defend your O'Licence in front of the Traffic Commissioners. 

We will assist you every step of the way. We will visit your operating centre to discuss the case and advise on what steps need to be taken.

We will assist in rectifying issues, which have prompted a Public Inquiry, and we will build compliance systems to show the Commissioner of your ability to comply with all Operator Licence conditions.

E4T management systems provide the rock solid foundations that will avoid the placing of sanctions on your business and avert even the slightest possibility of you loosing your operator licence.

Our best form of defence is to make sure the inspectors have nothing to find in the first place and if you are involved in an accident or event that ends up at a Public Inquiry we know all your systems and paperwork are correct and upto date.

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