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HGV Transport Management Services

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Standard National Operators Licence 

This type of licence allows the carriage of your own goods within the United Kingdom and across the European Community, and to operate on a ‘hire and reward’ basis (charging for the transport of goods not owned by you) within the UK only.

Typically, this type of licence is acquired by organisations engaged in general and specialised haulage activities, which provide a transportation services within the United Kingdom.

Under current legislation, this type of licence does not confer Community Authorisation, meaning it does not permit the carriage of goods for hire and reward throughout the European Union.

We offer you peace of mind that your application will be right first time.

We provide you with an overview of the implications and consequences of obtaining and maintaining a goods vehicle operator’s licence.

This includes the transparency and disclosures demanded by the Traffic Commission that relate to ownership and management of the business, previous licences, past prosecutions, or bankruptcies. 

We also provide advice and guidance on the contractual requirements for an internal or external Nationally Qualified Transport Manager, who will be responsible for legal undertakings associated with the Standard National Operators Licence.

Using our transport management services ensures you that all these points are covered at every step of the application and the during the planning of the management contract.

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