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E4T External Hgv Transport Management

What is an external transport manager?

An ‘Internal’ Transport Manager will have a genuine link to the operator being an employee a director or in most cases the owner holding their own cpc qualification. An ‘External’ Transport Manager will be a person under contract to an operator on a part time or add hock basis who will work as a consultant to your business using their own cpc certificate allowing you to apply for and hold an operator’s licence. The external Transport manager covers all aspects of applying for the correct licence and organises the day to day running of the O' licence while complying with all the rules and directives involved with having and keeping your operator’s licence.

Transport Management Services

Helping you obtain and retain your Operator Licence

Everything you need to know about how to obtain and maintain a goods vehicle operator licence.

You will need a goods vehicle operator’s licence if your business uses vehicles above 3,500kg.

Speak directly to Tom by calling: - 07791 - 17 46 01 for free advice and guidance.

E4T are a heavy goods vehicle transport management service. We manage commercial vehicle operator licences and offer external freelance CPC transport manager services.

Only recognised Logistics and Transport qualified experienced professionals and associates will manage your transport management and operator licensing application needs and your transport management audits.

We have helped businesses large and small, across many different sectors, to obtain and maintain their Operator Licence and manage compliance in a simple to understand and stress-free manner.

E4T create bespoke management packages for each individual customer so our client get the service they want and not just a generic, one fits all service.

Call us today on: - 07791 - 17 46 01 for informed advice on all matters concerning transport licensing and transport services for the UK and Europe.


Transport Manager

If you hold a Operator’s licence, under transport legislation you must employ a professionally competent’ person to manage your transport operations.
You need a CPC qualified transport manager.

CPC Consultant

E4T work directly with the client to support theem and advise them on the running of their transport systems. This form of consultancy keeps you up to date with current legislation and laws.


It is paramount in any business that you have the correct liences and documentation so you can run your business.
E4T make sure you have the correct licence for the right vehicle to do the work. 


E4T have a fair and competative pricing structure.
our prices are dependent on the type of contract you want and the number of vehicles being listed on the O’Licence and at the operation centres.

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